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Weather Sciences Instrumentation
Weather Sciences (Meteorology) Instrumentation
Actinographs Bimetallic, Electrical
Albedometers Field, Station; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital
Anemographs Field, Hurricane (high winds), Mountain; 3-Cup Pitot-tube, Propeller, Ultrasonic; Wind Speed and Direction; Field, Permanent, Portable, Station; all climates; Digital, Datalogging, RS232-Outputs
Anemometers Alarm, Contact, Digital, Indicating, Totalizing; Electrical, Generating, Hand; 3Cup-, Hot-Wire, Pitot-Tube, Propeller; (High Speed, Low Speed)
Atmometers Bellani, Livingston
Barographs Regular, Narrow range; Analog, Datalogging
Barometers Aneroid, Digital, Mercury; QNH, Station
Dataloggers Multiple, Single Parameters; Long, Short Autonomy; Line-, Battery-Powered; Expandable-Memories; Indoor, Weathertight Models
Dew Point Indicators and Recorders Analog, Digital
Environgraph (Meteorograph) Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Temperature; Electrical, Mechanical
Environmental Monitoring and Alarm Devices Barometric Pressure, Dew-Point, Evaporation, Humidity, Precipitaion, Rainfall, Solar-Energy, Temperature (Air, Soil, Water), Water Level, Wind, etc.
Evaporimeters, Pans and Still Wells Hook-Gauge, Micrometer, Weighing; Fiberglass, Steel Pans; Piche, Wild; Indicating, Recording
Heat-Flow Transducers and Indicators Bi-Directional, Uni-Directional; Digital, Datalogging
Humidity Indicators and Recorders Electrical, Mechanical; Remote, Station; Analog, Digital
Hygrographs Electrical, Mechanical; Remote, Station; Analog, Digital
Hygrometers August, Hair, Industrial, Mason, Remote, Station, Thermometric; Electrical, Mechanical; Analog, Digital
Hygrothermographs Bimetal, Bourdon; In-situ, Remote; Electrical, Mechanical; Analog, Digital
Hypsometers (Altimeters) Kits, Thermometers; Field, Station
Insulators, High Resistance Heated, Preamplifying; Atmospheric-Electricity Antennae and Sensors
Loggers Data; Portable, Station; General Purpose, Special Purpose; Expandable-Memories; Line-, Battery-Powered
Mini-Photometers Ground Coverage, Forestry
Multi-Channel Systems All Parameters; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital, RS232
mV Meters Digital; Portable, Precision; Adjustable, Fixed Range; for Radiometers, Pyranometers, etc.
Net Radiometers (Pyradiometers) Field, Station; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital
Photometers Photometric, Radiometric, Phytophotometric; Sensitive, Standard; Digital, Indicating, Recording, Totalizing
Precipitation Gauges, Indicators and Recorders Rain, Snow; Electrical, Mechanical; Remote, Station; Land, Ship
Psychrometer Fans and Shelters Forestry, Weather Bureau, etc.
Psychrometers Assmann, August, Electrical, Electro-V, Mechanical, Motorized, Pocket, Portable, Sling; Indicating, Recording
Pyranometers Star; Field, Station; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital
Pyradiometers Net Radiation; Sauberer, etc.; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital
Pyroheliometers Field, Station; Indicating, Recording; Analog, Digital
Radiation Meters Solar; Indicating, Recording; Electrical, Mechanical; Field, Universal, Station; Analog, Digital
Radiation Monitoring and Recording Instruments Nuclear; all media; Solar; Digital Datalogging, Mechanical
Raingauges and Recorders Electrical, Mechanical; Remote, Station; Land, Ship
Recorders Digital Dataloggers, Drum, Strip-Chart; Electrical,
Mechanical; Portable, Fixed; daily to bi-yearly
Shelters and Housings Fiberglass, Metal, Wood; Field, Station; Instrument, Sensor; Mechanical-, Natural-Ventilation
Slide Rules Dew-Point, Psychrometric Calculator, Relative-Humidity; Circular, Straight
Sun Dials Cast-Metal
Sunshine Indicators and Recorders Campbell-Stokes, Jordan, Robitzsch, etc.; all latitudes; Electrical, Mechanical
Test Chambers Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
Thermographs Air, Soil, Water; Ambient, Remote, Station, Submersible; Multiple-, Single-Sensor; Miniature, Standard; Electrical, Mechanical; Analog, Digital
Thermometers Bimetal, Electrical; Dial, Digital, Indicating, Liquid-In-Glass; Actinometer, Air, Kata, Low-Temperature, Maximum-Minimum, Multi-Probe Thermistor, Psychrometer, Six's, Soil, Snow, Laboratory Standards, Thermal Gradient Profile, Water, etc.
Towers Extendable, Fixed
Visibility and Wind Monitors Alarm, Indicating, Recording
Weather Consoles and Stations Ambient, Remote; Indicating, Datalogging, Recording, Telemetering; Electrical, Mechanical; all basic-parameters
Weather Science Kits Educational, Military; Field
Wind Direction Indicators Electrical, Mechanical, Remote
Wind Meters Hand Held, Remote; Analog, Digital
Wind Speed Indicators Remote, Cup, Pitot-Tube, Vane Types
Wind Vanes Electrical, Mechanical