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Water Sciences Instrumentation
Water Sciences (Hydrology, Limnology, Oceanography) Instrumentation
Aliquot Transfer Pipettes and Syringes Fixed-, Variable-Capacity
Aquaria Fiberglass; With/Without Windows; Large, Small; Life-Support, Rearing
Bacteriological Samplers Sediment, Water; Emery, ZoBell
Bathythermograph Slides Slides for Mechanical BT
Benthos Samplers and Sorters Corers, Dip-nets, Kick-nets, Dredges, Grabs; Sieves and Sorters; Automatic, Manual
Biological Samplers Emery, Sediment; ZoBell, Water
Bottles BOD, Sea Water, Storage; Glass, Plastic
Bottom Samplers Birge-Ekman, Dietz-LaFond, Emery, Fast, Gomex, Petersen, Shipek, Smith-McIntyre, Van Veen; Box, Corers, Dredges, Stream, Grabs, Mud, Sediment, Snapper, Underway Scoopfish, Undisturbed, etc.
Burettes, Automatic Knudsen, Oxygen: Teflon Stopcocks
Cable, Electrical and Oceanographic Armored, Multiple Conductor, Reinforced
Calibration Baths Precision Deep-Sea Reversing Thermometer
Carbon 14 Instrumentation and Accessories Primary-Productivity
Centrifuges Continuous; Plankton, Sediment
Clamps, Wire Fixed, Swiveling
Collectors Water; Bore-Hole, Pipe, Soil
Come-Alongs Wire Grips
Coring Device and Accessories Ewing, Kullenberg, Phleger; Gravity, Hand, Piston, Portable, Shore-Line Wide-Barrel, etc.; Fractionators, Releases
Counting Chambers Plankton, Sediment; Sedgwick-Rafter, etc.
Current Markers and Dyes Bottom, Intermediate, Surface; Fluorescent
Depressors Hydrodynamic
Dredges Birge-Ekman, Emery, Gomex, Petersen, Smith-McIntyre, Van Veen (Large, Small); Biological, Box, Chain (Rock), Foot-Trip, Pipe, Rectangular, Sled, Scoop, Triangular, etc.
Drifters, Cards, Drogues and Indicators Bottom, Surface Water Currents
Drift Nets Bottom, Surface
Dyes Fluorescent, Tracing; Flowing, Ground, Open, Percolating Waters
Filters Membrane, Millipore
Filtration Towers Manifold, Single; Plastic, Stainless Steel; Pressure, Vacuum; Small-, Large-Volume
Flexible Shafts Meter-Wheel Remote Counter
Forel and Ule Scales Fresh-, Sea-Water Colors; Liquid, Printed
Grabs Dietz-LaFond, Emery, Petersen, Smith-McIntyre, Van Veen; Mud-Snapper; Seabed
Hand Reels Cord, Wire
Hardware, Marine Pulleys, Shackles, Swivels, Wire-Clamps, etc.
Hydrometers Individual, Kits; Salinity, Specific Gravity, etc.; Glass, Metal
Inclinometers Net, Ship, Trawl, Wire; Ball, Bubble, Pendulum, Potentiometric
Incubators Comparitive Productivity-Types, for C14 Studies; Artificial, Natural Daylight
Macroinvertibrate Collectors and Samplers Multiplate-Type; Hester-Dendy, Fiberboard, Porcelain-plate; Hess, Surber
Messengers Rotating Top, Brass
Meter Wheels and Counters Fathoms, Feet, Meters; Many Sizes, up to 2-m circumference, 1-inch diameter Wire, 10-ton capacity; Plastic, Stainless-Steel Sheaves; Digital-Counter, Dial; Direct, Remote Reading; Electrical, Mechanical
Mud Snapper Self Tripping
Neuston Nets David, Oren (Side-Tracking)
Periphyton Collectors Bottom, Mid-Stream, Surface
Pipettes Hempel, Knudsen; Automatic; Teflon Stopcock, Aliquot, Transfer
Pisas Carruthers; Current Indicators
Plankton Collectors Deck, Continuous; Accessory Water Pumps
Plankton Indicators, Samplers and Traps Clarke-Bumpus (small, large), Fast, Hardy, Isaacs-Kidd, Juday, Lamont, Multiple-Net, Miller, Tucker; Bottom, Floating, High-Speed, Square-Frame, etc.; Nanno-, Phyto-, Zoo-Plankton
Plankton-Net Accessories Buckets, Depressors, Depth Meters, Flow Meters; Frames, Collapsible, Square; Releases; Rings and Bridles; Sleds; Weights; Wire-Clamps
Plankton-Net Buckets Egg, Plankton, Quick-Release; Metal, Plastic; Individual, Sets; many meshes, sizes
Plankton-Net Sieve Materials Stainless Steel, Synthetic Fibers; many meshes, sizes
Plankton-Net Releases Hjort, Nansen; Hydrostatic, Messenger Operated
Plankton Nets, Sleds and Trawls Bongo, Calcofi, Calvet, Clarke-Bumpus, Hensen, Isaacs-Kidd, Marmac, Menzies; Renfro, Wisconsin; Horizontal, Vertical; Closing, Dip, Towing; Bottom, Mid-Water, Surface; Bongo, Gulf-V, High Speed, Indian Ocean, Multiple Net, Norpac, Neuston, USNOO, etc.; many diameters, meshes and styles
Plankton Sieve-Sets Non-Injurious Sorting, Automatic, Multiple Sieves
Plankton-Sorting Trays Labyrinth, Multiple-Path, Spoked Circle
Plankton Volume-Gauges Yentsch
Publications Knudsen, International Oceanographic, Chlorinity, Conductivity, Salinity, Tables, Titration Instructions, etc.
Releasing Devices Anchor, Cable, Corer, Net, etc.; Mechanical, Time-Delayed Actuation
Rock Dredges Chain, Triangular
Rope Nylon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, etc
Sample Splitters Folsom, Proportional Divider
Samplers, High Speed Bottom Sediment, Plankton
Sand-Settling Apparatus Emery, Gravimetric
Science Kits Ecology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Water Sciences, Weather Sciences
Secchi Discs Quadrant, Reversible; Metal, Plastic
Sediment Indicators and Samplers Continuous Depth-, Point-, Integrating; Automatic, Multiple, Single; Stream-Types
Sediment Sorters Shipboard, Automatic, Multiple-Sieves
Sedimentation Chambers Tungate
Seines Many Types
Sheaves BT, Streaming, Counterbalanced, Heavy-Duty, Lightweight, Snatchblock; many sizes and wire diameters
Sieves Metal, Plastic; Bucket, Disc, Stackable
Slide Rule, Oceanographic Culbertson, Circular; Conductivity, Depth, Temperature, Wire-Angle Calculations; Psychrometric, Dew-Point, etc.
Sorting Trays Circular, Labyrinth; Plankton, Sediment
Standard Sea-Water IAPSO
Streambed Collectors and Samplers Hess, Surber, Fauna, Macroinvertebtrate, Periphyton, Sediment
Surface-Water Thermometers and Holders Dipping, Towing; Non-Mercurial (Spirit), Mercurial; Engraved Stem, Porcelain Scale
Thermometer Carrying-Cases Deep-Sea Reversing Type, Cushioned
Thermometer Frames Bucket, Reversing, Surface, Towing
Thermometer Reader Magnifier
Thermometers Deep-Sea Reversing, Fishery, Laboratory, Precision, Meteorological, NIST Standard, Surface; Indicating, Recording; Bimetal, Dial, Digital, Liquid-In-Glass; Electrical, Mechanical; Calibration and Repair Services
Trawls Isaacs-Kidd, Menzies, Otter, Tucker; Bottom; Interfacial, Mid-Water, Sled, etc.
Wading Rods Feet, Metric; Hand-Held, Fixed, Top-Setting
Water-Color Comparators Forel, Ule Scales; Printed, Solutions
Water-Sampling Bottles Gemware, Van Dorn, etc.; Fiberglass, Plastic (Clear, Opaque); Small to Large Capacity; Cup, Tapered-Stopper; Bottom-Tripping, Horizontal, Vertical
Water Collectors and Samplers Bacteriological, Biological, Chemical, Sterile, Trace-Mineral; Bore-Hole, Ground, Open Waters, Pipe, Runoff; Continuous, Integrating; Composite, Profile, Sequential, Single
Weak Links Anchor, Bottom Dredges, Sleds, Trawls, etc.; Cable, Chain, Wire
Weights Lead; Corer, Dredge, Hydrodynamic, many sizes
Winch Platforms and Frames Portable, Demountable; A-Frames, etc.
Winches Oceanographic Hand Type
Wire-Angle Indicators Remote, Shipboard, Subsurface; Electrical, Mechanical
Wire Grips Come-Alongs
Wire-Releases Underwater; Mechanical
Wire-Rope (Oceanographic) Galvanized, Stainless Steel; Stranded, Nylon Covered;
Wire-Weights Fish-Shaped, Rectangular