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Pharma LIBS250
Specification & Requirement

PharmaLIBSTM 250 은 혁신적이고 특징적인 레이저를 기초로 한 분석장비로 고체와 먹는 알약을 빠르고, 신뢰성 있는 분석을 위하여 디자인 되었다.

시료의 전처리 또는 용매에 녹이는 과정 없이 분석이 이루어 진다.

PharmaLIBSTM 250은 이동이 용이하고 사용자가 편리하게 빠른 의사결정을 위하여 이상적인 방법으로 제작되었다.


Physical characteristics:

Dimension : 135 x 60 x 99 cm
Weight: 201 kg
Wheeled for mobility. Full safety interlock protection.
Large laser-safe viewing port. HEPA filtration of exhaust air.

CDRH Classification:
Class I Laser System (No safety eyewear necessary)


Imaging Czerny-Turner configuration Triple indexable grating (for greater flexibility)
Spectral resolution: 0.26 nm Grating and wavelength selection under full computer control

CCD Detector:

Interline readout scientific grade CCD Thermoelectrically cooled Electronic gating
Exposure window: 100ns and up
Spectral sensitivity range 300-1000nm


Pulse Nd: YAG laser operated at fundamental wavelength of 1064nm
Pulse duration: 3-5 ns
Pulse energy: computer controlled, up to 190mJ per pulse Repetition rate: computer controlled,
up to 10 Hz
Spot size: ∼ 200 um

Sample Tray:

Capacity of 26 samples
Laser sampling positions are fully software selectable.
Removable sample holders for customization to different sample size and shapes.
Disposable or reusable sample holders.


High Power Computer Compact LCD flat panel display
High quality printer BaseT Ethernet Hard drive, CD-ROM drive and 3.5" diskette drive
System interfacing hardware

Operating system:

Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher

System Software:

PharmaLIBSTM 250 software Fully automated data acquisition and results processing.
Methods' based. Real time display of acquired spectra and processed results.
Graphical and tabular output of data. Data export to text and Microsoft Excel format.
Graphical exports to BMP, WMF and JPG formats. Fully 21 CFR Part II Compliant Software.

Power: Single phase 208 to 242VAC,
15A, 50/60Hz


Operating Temperature: 15-30℃ < 2℃/hr
Operating Humidity: 20-80%