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The Forte Series 8000.
Pulp Systems

   Pulp Bale press systems to automatically determine the commercial
   Air-Dry moisture/weight of bales of paper-pulp.

Forte Series 8000 Pulp Bale Moisture/Weight Measuring Systems은 모든 Bale 상태의 펄프의 수분 평균값을 측정한다. Forte Series 8000은 펄프가 생산되는 중이나 장시간의 건조과정을 거친 직후에도 실시간으로 자동측정이 가능하다.

Forte Series 8000은 컴퓨터로 연결하여 조정하며, the Forte DataLog®로 부터 Time, Grade, Bale Number, Gross Weight, % Air-Dry (Moisture), Air-Dry Commercial Weight, Basis Weight, and QC-Data 등의 완벽한 종합적인 펄프 생산 기록을 제공한다.

Forte Systems은 Bale-Maker 조절이 가능하며 % AD 의 profiles과 Profilog®와 함께 Bale Weight을 표시 할 수 있으며 DCS, Remote Display, 다른 주변기기에 출력할 수가 있다. 또한, mill-network에 연결이 가능하며 Lay-boy Drop을 조절 할 수 있다.
Series 8790 measuring
baleof pulp
as it is being pressed

Other Forte System Series:
Series 3791/3792

Measurements made within Bale press
Electrode in press, for Textile Fiber and Tobacco.

Series 1000

On-line Systems for material flowing in a Chute, Pipe or on a Conveyor.

Series 5200

Measurement of Bales of Waste Paper

Series 6000

Molded Pulp and Balls of Hand-Knitting Yarn.
Moisture Measurement of Molded Pulp
Special Cell-Mounted on Console for Molded Pulp to determine moisture and basis weight.

Series 9000

Wet-Lap Pulp
Special system for moisture measurement in wet bales up to 65% Moisture Content (40% Air-Dry).

Series I-100

Inventory Control and Warehousing Systems
Custom-designed systems to track production from Finishing Line through Warehouse to Shipping.