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Pulsed Laser Vibrometer
Pulsed Laser Vibrometer

Pulsed Laser Vibrometer based on Photo-EMF detector technology that allows the characterization and monitoring of vibration without the need of target surface treatment or surface preparation. The vibrating surface is discretely sampled by individual laser pulses and recorded by the Photo-EMF sensor via the generation of photocurrent pulses whose magnitudes are proportional to the instantaneous surface displacements. With a sufficiently high sampling rate, reconstruction of the vibration wave form can be achieved by conducting envelope ~or peak!
detection of the resultant series of photocurrent pulses. Significantly higher peak optical power levels of the probe laser pulses, which can be orders of magnitude greater than those of continuous-wave interrogation lasers with the same average power, lead to proportional enhancement in the photo-EMF response and remarkable improvement in detection sensitivity when the photodetection process is initially amplifier noise current limited.

● Non-Contact
● Not Sensitive to Speckle Patterns
● High Sensitivity measurements
● No need for "fringe counting”
● Real Time Monitoring
● Wireless or Internet Communication available
Standard Unit

● Up to 200 kHz bandwidth
● Integrated laser pointers for visual target positioning.
● Scanning Distance 1m (up to 4m available upon request)
● Single Point Measurements
    (Differential, 3D/ Multi-Axis, Angular and in plane measurements are available upon request)
Power Generation
Turbine and Turbo-Machinery Vibration, Gas Pumping and Compression Systems Vibration, Steam Generator and Heavy Machinery Vibration, Shaft Vibration, Loose Parts Monitoring, Nuclear Reactors Vibrations
Industrial Testing
Electric / AC & DC, Motors, Pumps, Fuel Pumps Vacuum Cleaners Power Tools Gas Compressors
Vibrations of Car Components, Engines, Pumps, Gearboxes, Chassis Windshields, etc.
Modal analysis
Noise test for shaft and axles. Noise & vibration analysis.
Aircraft wings and Engines Vibration, Helicopters, Large Space Structures, Rocket Engines.
Mines, Bridges, Mine Detection