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Glove Box & Gas Purification Systems

ㅁ 특화된 밀폐기술로 상용품중 가장 낮은 누출속도, 0.001vol%/h
ㅁ 특화된 기체정화기술로 우수한 정화효율 실현.
ㅁ 전체적인 Stainless Box 로 부식저항성 강화실현.
ㅁ 빠른 수분과 산소제거. ( Capacity : O2-60L, H2O-1.5Kg )
ㅁ 수분과 산소의 불순정도 :
  1) < 1PPM - 표준순도.
  2) < 0.1PPM - 매우 뛰어난 초고순도.
ㅁ 쉬운 기체 정화 재생 : 단일키 기체정화 재생 운전.
ㅁ 칼라터치스크린 : 사용자 편의적인 Display 와 Control.
  - 화학소프트웨어내장으로 반응이론수득률, 분자량, 몰수, 시료무게, 계산기등 계산가능.
  - 각종 파라메타 설정 ( 최대, 최소값 설정, 자동정화 및 유지 )
ㅁ 준비공간 ( Antechamber )의 자동배기 기능 : 시간절약 및 안정된 실험.
ㅁ 특징적인 자동순환기능 : 훨씬 뛰어난 송풍장치 및 자동적인 진공펌프 작동으로 최대의 수명연장.
ㅁ 미리 설정된 PLC 프로그램에의한 재생/정화과정 수행.
ㅁ 2개의 선반 설치로 보관, 공간활용 확대.
ㅁ 내부 전원공급 및 2개의 자연형광내부조명장치 ( 2 × 30W ).
ㅁ 안정적인 조건, 최대의 성능구현.
ㅁ Multi 형 규격, 사양 주문형 공급.
1. Glove box: Stainless steel (SUS 304), thickness 3mm
2. Antechamber: Stainless steel (SUS 304), Ф 370mm, length 600mm, thickness 3mm
3. Mini Antechamber: Stainless steel(SUS 304), Ф 100mm, length 300mm, thickness 3mm
4. Support Frame: Height 900mm
5. Feedthrough Connectors: Four standard KF40 connectors for customer use.
6. Shelves: Two storage shelves can be used to store samples and small labware.
7. Castors: Convenient for moving
8. Gas filter: Two 0.3 um filter installed at the circulation inlet and outlet
9. Foot Switch: Adjusts the pressure inside glove box.
10. Purifier: Contains copper-based adsorbent for removing oxygen and zeolites for moisture removal.    The oxygen and water capacities are 30L and 2.0kg, respectively.
   After adsorption saturation, the adsorbents can be regenerated by using nitrogen and hydrogen
11. Circulation Blower: Fuji Blower, low noise, flow rate 60m3/h
12. Vacuum Pump: BOC Edwards vacuum pump with oil mist filter.
13. Color Touch Screen: The graphical interface makes the use of the glovebox easier than ever.
   Illustrative color graphics indicates the working state of the components of the glovebox.
14. Control System.
   PLC Control
   Automated pressure control system.
   Automated regeneration of the purifier.
   Automated alarm system.
   Recording and displaying historical data
   Automated circulation control, greatly extending bower lifetime and saving energy
   Automated Antechamber evacuation and refill
   All operations are conditional, preventing hazardous actions form damaging the glovebox.
   Display messages for operation error and faulty components.
15. Power Supply : Single phase 220V, 60Hz
Glove Box 비교
  Standard Glove box from Our Company Standard Glove box from Other Companies
Leak Rate 0.001% 0.050%
Seal Patented seals Traditional seals
Auto-Circulation Controlled by O2/H2O sensor, circulation for 5 min every hour

Not available, continuous circulation

Auto-Evac. Antechamber auto-evacuation Auto-evacuation not standard
Purifier Capacities O2: 60 Liters???? H2O: 1.5 kg O2: 20-30 Liters??? H2O: 1 kg
Chemistry Software Calculates mol. wt, reactant requirements, reaction yields

Not Available

Freezer 30 Liters (H450xW300xD22 mm) 18 Liters (H430xW275xD150 mm)
Accessories and spare parts
Glove: Butyl rubber glove.
부식 방지. 기체의 침투 최소화.
  Moisture Analyzer: Glove box
내부의 함유된 수분 monitoring.측정 범위:
-110℃ to 20 ℃
Oxygen Analyzer:
Glove box 내부의 함유된 산소 monitoring.
측정 범위: 0 ? 1,000PPM
  Vacuum Pump. 최종 진공: 2 x 10-3 mbar
Low Temperature Refrigerator 낮은 온도를 조정.
조작온도 : - 40 ℃
  Solvent Adsorber: 순환경로에 설치되며,
Glove box 내부에서 형성되는
organic solvent 흡착.