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가람교역은 전문화된 인력, 장비, 다양한 분야의 축적된 경험을 바탕으로
사용자가 원하는 모든 자료와 정보를 제공해드립니다

NIR Spectrometer

Luminar 3076 SeedMeister

Discriminate, qualify. and sort hybrid seeds, nuts, and beans such as peanuts, watermelon, coffee, hybrid peppers and more. Seeds can be sorted by oil, protein, starch, moisture, and high/low oleic contents.


● Watermelon : Sort triploid from dilploid with speeds up to 30 seeds / minute

Sunflower : Determine percentage of Oleic and Linoleic acid

Corn : sort based upon oil content

Soybean : Sort based upon protein content

Peanut : Sort high/low Oleic and High/low Linoleic