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가람교역은 전문화된 인력, 장비, 다양한 분야의 축적된 경험을 바탕으로
사용자가 원하는 모든 자료와 정보를 제공해드립니다

NIR Spectrometer

Luminar 5030 / handheld Analyzer

The multipurpose analyzer is uesd in the laboratory, in-line or at-line, and in the field. The 5030 can be handheld or mounted. The attachments are easily swapped, depending upon the application.


● Blender Control : Real-time homogeneity monitoring and blendign control process

Agricultual/Food : in-line food analysis for fat, protein, moisture, starch, mold, etc

● Polymer : In-site measurement of pellets and resins

Pulp & paper : In-line thickenss and coating analysis

Tobacco : Measurement of nicotine, sugars, potassium, etc.

Coffee : Caffeine, etc.

Field Applications : In-line and at-line analysis of olive oil, grapes, moisture, etc.